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Many people join AquaSource in order to save money. As a member/distributor you have the right to purchase products wholesale (up to 35% discount), to retail and keep the profit, and to  build your business throughout the EU, Australia and Russia. You are not required to buy or sell anything as a member of AquaSource if you don’t want, and there are no obligations for you at all.

There is a reasonable one-time fee of 39.95 € for joining, and you can order one Start Easy Pack together with the sign-up for just 39.99 € (retail price 82.90 €). Please use this one-time promotion as it is very good for your health and your wallet 😉

To join AquaSource, please follow this link. You will be asked to enter your data on-line and to pay with your Visa / MasterCard through a secure server.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please print two copies of this Agreement (pdf) on one sheet of paper each (face and back). On the Agreement you’ll find the bank account details of AquaSource.After you transfer the money, send the signed Agreement together with a proof of payment to the address of AquaSource (you can see it on the Agreement).

In the part named Sponsor’s Information please fill in the following:
Sponsor’s Name: Peter Naydenov, Anhira EOOD
Sponsor’s distributor number: NAY15010
Country: Bulgaria

As your sponsor, it is my responsibility to help you succeed in this business. Please contact me asap if you want to build the business – I have 20 years experience with AquaSource and have helped many people to start right. Some of them earn 5000 € a month from their AquaSource business. So it’s really up to you – if you want to succeed and are ready to learn and apply the skills needed, I can teach you and help you, and I’ll work with you in team to build our common business.

The first step would be to sign up for a short series of training e-mails:


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