Common colds? Flu? – No, thanks!

When the cold seasons begin, you can use AquaSource products for preventing of common colds and flu. And if you’ve already got the cold/flu, you can take these products to get well faster or ameliorate the side effects of chemical drugs and antibiotics.

Green Energy – immunity in capsules. It helps us produce antibodies. Provides vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, all-natural, organic, 100% bioavailable. Better appetite, faster growth of children, stronger blood, and more energy – excellent cell nutrition. Take it 3×1 caps. for prevention or 5 caps at once in the beginning of the colds and then 3 caps every hour until better. Children: 2×1 caps, but if needed first dose 3 caps. at once + 2 caps. every hour.

Essential fatty acids – strong and healthy mucous membranes. The mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive systems are the barriers against viruses. It is essential for them to be strong and healthy, so that microbes cannot penetrate into our body. On top of this, EFA take part in the regulation of inflammatory and allergic reactions, and make the skin and the hair stronger and healthier. Take it 2x1ml a day.

Colostrum – ready defence against 20 species of bacteria and viruses. Provides antibodies and immunoglobulines, plus regeneration and growth factors, and much more. Very good for prevention and faster recovery. Especially for people who are weaker and for children who were not breast-fed. For prevention, take 2 caps every morning on empty stomach with much water. When cold, take 3×2 caps. Children and babies: half this quantity, but it is safe to take much more if needed.

Sun Power – very fast working, instant nutrition that stimulates the immune system. Instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, it activates the white blood cells so that they can destroy invaders much faster. Contains the same components as Green Energy, plus added herbs and vegetables for additional immune system support. Take 1 spoon (included) every hour when the cold starts, or preventively 2×1 spoon a day, let it dissolve and absorb under your tongue.


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