Hi, my name is Dr. Peter Naydenov. Thank you for visiting us.

Dr. Peter Naydenov
Dr. Peter Naydenov

I am the leader of Anhira Network, the strongest organization of distributors and customers of AquaSource Algae Group. AquaSource provides many EU-countries with super-foods and dietary supplements of highest quality through direct selling / network marketing.

The first eight years of my working life I was working hard as a pediatrician, and was earning only 200 Euro a month (in Bulgaria that was the norm then)… Then I joined AquaSource, started my business part-time, and not before long I was earning 5000 € a month! And the best is, my income continues to grow, I am able to support my family, to enjoy time with my children and grandchildren, even to travel the world!

My beautiful children
My beautiful children

Now I am semi-retired (this means that I work a lot, but only because I love what I do). I am a holistic medical doctor, a classical homeopath, an experienced astrologer, a publisher of over 130 books, a father of 4 children, a proud grand-dad, an entrepreneur and a network marketing pro.

My favourite algae are AquaSource Algae, aka super blue-green algae, aka Klamath Lake Algae, aka AFA algae. I take these algae since 1996 – almost 20 years. I intend to eat them in the future, as well – in fact, all my life. And, I recommend you to do the same. Please try these algae at least for 3 month in sufficient quantities.

Even better, you could join our network, so that you order products directly from home and use the wholesale prices to save money. After 3 months it is very probable that you’ll fall in love with the algae and many other AquaSource products. You could even start to recommend them to others. When this happens, you’ll be ready to become a new type of human being – an AquaSource fan. 🙂

Of course, if you are open to new ways of earning money, you can start your own business with AquaSource. We’ll be glad to support you and help you. Many people earn significant incomes in this business – like me. This is why I am so convinced that I can show you an alternative way of life – without alarm clocks, full of freedom and possibilities, useful and abundant.

Welcome to our world. It’s an honour to have you here.


P.S. Remember to dream big and live your dreams!


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