Consult Dr. Peter

If you like what you read and decide to consult me, please feel free to book an appointment.

Besides Bulgarian, I speak English, German, Russian and Croatian languages. To book me, please call +359 888 540442 or skype me at peternay. If you are near to me, we can meet, if not, we’ll meet online via Skype.

My fee is 1€/minute or 50 €/hour. Usually the consultations last about an hour or so.

You can pay for the consultation in advance through Paypal

Please choose

When I take homeopathy patients, I ask them about their exact time of birth. I need this information because it helps me understand their situation and health status. As a rule, during the homeopathic case taking I rarely mention anything about astrology. Before the consultation, I ask you to answer this questionnaire.

If you need some specific information about yourself and/or people in your life, and you want me to prepare your horoscope for you, it will be my pleasure. My fee for the consultation is 50 Euro an hour. We can discuss topics like health, money, marriage, children, work, love, friends and enemies, travel, real estate, business, etc.

You are welcome to ask any question and discuss with me any area of your interest. But you should give me first some feedback and explain your situation so that I could ‘take it from there’… If you wish, you can get a recording of the session for further reference.

As a rule, I don’t write the interpretations. I think that to discuss your problems ‘live’ and with a feedback from you is a better idea. If you would like a written horoscope, you can go for the computer generated charts. You can even have a free one from (and there you could learn a lot about astrology, too).


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