How to improve your chances to have healthy children

This information is for all families who want to have healthy children. Please read it and even if you are completely healthy and want to have a child, use the products, too. You will have beautiful children!

There are many “childless” families who could have children with the help of our products. Usually these are women with a history of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant and/or abortions. Or, the men have problems with the sperm count and/or quality.

Sometimes the doctors say both partners are ok, but there is no pregnancy coming. Even if they try ‘In vitro’ method, nothing happens (well, something happens – anxiety, other problems, disappointment, plus a great amount of money spent…).

The good news is that there are many cases in which this problem was solved! There are many “Algae babies” around, smiling to their happy parents (or giving them sleepless nights!)… You could be the next happy parents! Just follow these recommendations – you’ve got nothing to lose!!!

All products recommended here are completely safe & natural. They have no side effects whatsoever. Your general health will improve when you take them regularly, and your chances for having a child will skyrocket! Of course, there is not a 100% guaranty, but you should definitely give it a try at least for 6 month, better one year.

This program works best for people who are ‘normal’ according to the medical tests, but could help couples who have various chronic diseases, too. Or, if you ladies are 40+ years young, this could prolong your fertility time with several years.

We have a program for you – please follow this program for best results. And, ask your partner to follow it, too.


1-st month:
Start Easy program – according to the leaflet instructions
Essential Fatty acid complex (EFA) – 3×10 drops
Macca Energy – 3×1 teaspoon a day
Moon Rise cream – apply it on the soft parts of your skin – breasts, internal thighs, internal arms, neck – every day when you are not in menses, stop during menses!

Next months:
Instead of Start Easy, take AFA Algae, Green Energy or Sea Power Algae. Continue with the EFA, Macca Energy and the cream.

Take this combination for several months until you get pregnant. When you get pregnant, stop the MoonRise cream and continue with Green Energy, AFA algae, Sea Power and EFA, only in bigger quantities.

During the first 3 months of the pregnancy it is good to take Super Anti Ox and Berry Power for better protection of the embryo.

During the last 3 months take CoQ10, as it will help you produce more energy and prepare you for the delivery.

You could take AquaSource Algae instead of Green Energy if you are afraid that you could put on weight. Green Energy contains Alfalfa that could increase your appetite. The products per se will not make you put weight – even you could lose weight! If this is what you want, consider Lighten-up! Just add it to the program and replace your biggest meal with a glass of Lighten-up! shake. You’ll have a delicious lunch in 5 minutes, and after this you’ll have just one dirty shaker to wash! And, you’ll improve your chances for pregnancy.

After you deliver a beautiful child, don’t stop! Algae can make mother milk much better. And even if you don’t breastfeed, your organism needs energy even more now. Take Green Energy, EFA and CoQ10 for best results. To put off weight, take Lighten-up!

And don’t forget to give some products to the baby, as well!

Take every day CoQ10 with Cromium and AFA algae 2×1 caps, Green Energy 3×2 caps, Macca Energy 3×1 teaspoon, and Liquid Gold 2×20 drops.

What else could we do?

Homeopathy could remove many hidden obstacles. BUT only if you find a good classical homeopath. Sometimes there is a deeper health problem and combining homeopathy with algae is just great! And, please, don’t listen to your homeopath if s/he tells you not to take algae – maybe s/he is well meaning, but ignorant, as s/he is not aware of their benefits! Just send your homeopath to this web site and you’ll help other patients, too.

One more thing – give the treatment enough time – at first you don’t see any changes, but your homeopath have to see you every month at least for 6 months!

If you want, call me for a free 20-minute consultation. I am experienced homeopath and most probably am able to help you. Recently I study the homeopathic detox method. It is adding even more chances for solving many problems, including fertility issues.

Nutrition should be according to your individual needs. We could discuss this topic, as well.

Water – drink plenty of it, and explore different ways to energize it.

Astrology – if you ladies e-mail me your birth date, year, hour and place, I’ll tell you when it is a good time for you to get pregnant. This will be free if you have ordered our products.

Karma – Sometimes the two partners just have bad relationship and energetic obstructions because of which they can’t have children together. But this is a serious talk and I can not make it without your presence. To arrange this, call me at +359 888 540442 or skype me at peternay.