AquaSource – Energy, Action, Freedom

AquaSource  was established in 1994 in the UK by the leading homeopaths Robert Davidson and David Howell with the help of Mr. Arthur Spurling – an experienced businessman. In the beginning the purpose of creating AquaSource was to provide algae products for the homeopathic patients who needed nutritional support in order to get well sooner. But, as it turned out, many other people wanted and needed the benefits of algae for themselves.

Today AquaSource Algae Group is a PLC Holding based in Ireland, with branches in many EU-countries and Russia. AquaSource is a leader in distributing natural super foods (like Klamath Lake algae, Spirulina, Colostrum, etc.) and many natural health supplements. AquaSource products are available on-line, and this makes possible for you to have a lot of customers worldwide.

AquaSource Algae Group PLC is the strongest algae company in Europe, ready for international expansion. AquaSource offers business opportunity to people from EU and Russia. If you want to be healthy and like helping others, you are welcome to our team! When you learn several simple skills, with our help you can start a profitable home-based business. Actually, it is more correct to say web-based, if you prefer so. You can visit the official AquaSource web site here.

The business is open in all the EU-countries plus Russia and Serbia. You are free to work from home or from wherever you like. This business is simple and has a lot of benefits. It could be called Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, People Franchise or simply word-of-mouth.

Most people are doing network marketing every day – they just don’t get paid for this. Network marketing is simply recommending and promoting things you use and like to people you know. Like restaurants, doctors, books, movies – you name it.

We all start recommending and promoting from age 5 – remember when you asked your mum to buy you the same toy the neighbour kid was bragging with? Recommending and promoting is part of the human nature. You can’t stop doing it – you can only decide whether to do it for free, or to make some money from it.

So there are two types of people in the world – those who do network marketing for free, and those who get paid for recommending and promoting things they use and like. The choice is yours.

Of course, you can join AquaSource just to get discount when you buy AquaSource products for personal/family use. Thus you not only improve your health, but at the same time you save money. Then you may choose to make some money by building a network of customers. In fact, you could “open” any EU-country, which means create a large network of people who use our products. As soon as AquaSource sees that the group in your country is big enough – say, 500 people – it may open an office there, and you’ll have an opportunity of your lifetime.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money. There is no risk at all, only opportunities worldwide! You can grow your business as big as you want – part-time or full-time. If you want, you can just use the products. And, if you want to make a lot of money, we’ll help you – we have a ready turnkey franchise-like success system.


How to make 300 Euro per month in your spare time

Are you spending enough time with your loved ones, doing the things you like? Are you reaching your financial goals? Will you ever at your current rates? Do you want to make more money? To provide better for your loved ones? Would you like to have a source of income unaffected by the economy or layoffs?

Imagine money flowing abundantly into your bank account, so that even if you want to stop this, you can’t! Your income can be determined by you, not by somebody else. Take control of your life! Get ready for an exciting future!

To make 300 Euro per month with AquaSource, here are the things you’d have to do:

  1. Don’t change. Basically, stay within your comfort zone. Continue to recommend and promote things you like. You don’t have to promote things you don’t like. If you see something you like then recommend it. If you didn’t like it, don’t recommend it.
  2. We offer many products that are very good for health. Out of those products, simply find a couple of products you really like. Products that make you look and feel better and give you more energy. Products that you could use on a regular basis and recommend to others. (If you don’t use some products or don’t know them, don’t recommend them. Recommending all the products is not required to earn a pay check every month.)
  3. Find five people who also want extra pay checks. Invite them to join your team. You don’t have to find them right away. You can find them in a month or in a year. Or you can pace yourself and get it done sometime during your life-time.
  4. Between you, and everyone you talk to, and everyone they talk to and so on, eventually accumulate about thirty families who use our products that month. You don’t have to find them all yourself. After all, you have a team. Remember, this includes all the customers of your team members as well.

People will like and use our products because of their health benefits: better memory, stronger immune system, rejuvenation, cleansing etc. Just share this opportunity with your friends. If they like it, they’ll share it with others. When somebody invites new members, all those people count towards your group!

When your group of about 30 families starts using AquaSource products, you’ll start getting 300 Euro a month. Hey, that’s about 3600 Euro extra a year…

The rest is up to you. If you feel you don’t need more, you can rest and enjoy. If you would like to make more money, simply go on and build your business.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple, even if you are shy or don’t have much time.

I want those pay checks!