AquaSource Green Energy

AquaSource Green Energy is a high-quality, universal cell food. It is a synergetic combination of AquaSource algae AFA, Hawaiian Spirulina and organic alfalfa.

AquaSource Green Energy is a rich source of various nutritional ingredients: vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, vitamin B12, microelements, antioxidants, protein, essential fatty acids, iron, etc. It can be taken for long periods of time, and the benefits accumulate.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Against stress, diseases and ageing
  • Detox of slags, toxins, heavy metals and radiation.
  • Refreshing, energizing and healing effect
  • For children who are prone to colds and flues
  • During pregnancy helps the foetus and the mother
  • For breastfeeding women
  • Anaemia caused by lack of vit. B12 and iron.

AquaSource Algae AFA – Elixir for the brain

The wild growing algae AFA from Klamath lake is probably the healthiest green food there is in the world. It is complete nutrition for the human body and a 100% natural source of chlorophyll, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

AFA is a very rich source of organic calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, chrome, cobalt, copper, potassium, boron, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, sulphur, titanium, vanadium, zinc etc.

Out of all foods, AFA is the richest source of vitamin B12 that is the most important vitamin for the blood. It contains almost 20 times more vitamin B12 than any other food.This high amount of vitamin B12 is not a contra-indication for cancer patients, on the contrary, the anti-carcinogenic effect of AFA is confirmed by many authors.

AFA holds the record among all the other foods as the richest source of protein. Not only it contains 3 times more protein than meet, but its amino acid profile is perfect, and it is highly bioavailable for our body.

AFA regulates the metabolism and the functioning of all organs and systems through the so-called PNEI-system (psycho-neuro-endocrino-immune system), which rules the health as a whole.

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of AFA is its beneficial effect on the nervous system and the psyche.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from AquaSource algae AFA:

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Reduce the stress
  • Fight depression
  • Improve sleeping
  • Stimulate the memory and concentration
  • Give mental energy and clearness of mind

On top of this, AquaSource algae afa are confirmed stimulator of the adult stem cells and thus they rejuvenate and repair all the organs and tissues of the body.


AquaSource Start Easy

AquaSource Start Easy programme is designed to. It contains AquaSource algae AFA, digestive enzymes and probiotics Lactobacillus Aoidophilus and Bifidus Complex.

AquaSource Start Easy programme benefits our body in many ways:

  • Provides energy for every cell of the body
  • Nourishes the organs on cellular level
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps to gently detox the organism from heavy metals, radiation, pollution and other toxins
  • Supplies healthy probiotics (friendly bacteria) for the bowels
  • Helps the digestion with 6 types of natural digestive enzymes
  • Regenerates the mucous membranes and the healthy flora of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Improves the digestion and the assimilation of the food
  • Regulates the colon and prevents соnstipation
  • Protects from food allergies
  • Supports the liver
  • Fights the harmful free radicals
  • Rejuvenates the body and saves the enzyme resources of the organism;
  • Improves absorption of iron and vitamin B12, and raises haemoglobin.

It is recommended to take AquaSource Start Easy pack for detox at least twice a year: in spring and in autumn. Of course, you can take it more often if you need. For best results you can combine it with AquaSource ColActive and AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex or AquaSource Liquid Gold.


AquaSource to the rescue for Parents

You could easily improve your children’s health with the help of AquaSource products as children respond very well to proper nutrition and detox. As I have a big experience with AquaSource since 1996, and because I am a paediatrician, a homeopath and a certified detox specialist, I can guide you throughout the whole process and help you choose the right combination of AquaSource products for your child.

Some 8 years ago I initiated the successful campaign “Winter without antibiotics” with the goal to inform parents how to help their children resist and fight various infections during the winter period without using antibiotics, only with the help of AquaSource products, homeopathy and tissue salts. Today, we have thousands of happy families using this method for supporting their health naturally, as it works for nearly anybody, including adults and the elderly. I am sure it will work for you, too.

You can support the immune system (yours and your children’s) with AquaSource ColActive-3 and AquaSource Green Energy. AquaSource Fatty Acid complex (Omega-3, 6 & 9) improves the structure of our mucus membranes and in this way helps our body to resist microbial infections. And, we can provide our body with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, growth factors, amino acids, and other bioactive nutrients with AquaSource Algae AFA, AquaSource Green energy, AquaSource Digestive enzymes, and AquaSource probiotics (Acidophilus and Bifidus complex).

AquaSource products can help you as well with issues such as bronchial asthma, allergies, lack of appetite, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, retarded neuro-psychic development, ADHD, Autism, irritable bowel syndrome, atopic dermatitis, bedwetting, etc.

For improved concentration and better grades at school use AquaSource algae AFA – they are a real elixir for the brain and the nerves.

AquaSource Berry power is a rich source of antioxidants perfect for children above 1 year of age.

Because of the growth factors, AquaSource ColActive is the perfect choice for children who do not thrive and for fitness and bodybuilding in the puberty as it is free of harmful steroids and other dubious ingredients.