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The purpose of this site is to show you the power of superfoods, such as algae, colostrum, wild berries, etc. We can help you choose your personal set of products and get them at the best price.

Dr. Peter Naydenov
Dr. Peter Naydenov

Welcome to our world! My name is Dr. Peter Naydenov, and I am your guide to better health, more energy and longevity with the help of AquaSource products. I started to work with AquaSource back in 1996. I eat algae every day (well, almost – sometimes I skip a day or two if I forget to take them with me). Through all these years I recommend all AquaSource products in my practice, and I have seen excellent results with children and adults. I am a pediatrician who became a homeopath some 20 years ago, and all the time I work with children and their parents who have all sorts of health issues. Because of this I have gathered a lot of experience, and I can be useful to you, too.

In 2014 I met the excellent Dutch homeopath Antonius (Ton) Jansen and started to work with his Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). I shared with him the info about AquaSource products, and he started to take them himself and to give them to his family and his patients. Invariably, he gets very good results with AquaSource, too. We have together several patients who also feel better!

For example, one of our patients is a three and a half years old girl. She was born just 1600 gram, very premature, with intrauterine pneumonia, pneumothorax, and respiratory distress syndrome. Right after delivery she went through a lot of surgery, antibiotics, and many other medical drugs for her life-threatening conditions. It is a miracle that she survived at all. No wonder that she had lots of problems and she was looking very ill, very weak and very thin. But 2 months after starting with HDT, she put on 3 kilo and grew 8 cm in height! She was given as well Start Easy pack, Green Energy, Colostrum and Fatty acid complex (plus other AquaSource products) to help her digestion, cellular health , nervous and immune system. Of course, her mother is more than happy.

Most people have heard about kinesiology, or muscle testing. Our body can tell which substance is good for us by increasing the tone of the muscles, and which is bad, by decreasing it. This video demonstrates what happens when people test AquaSource products with the help of a kinesiology practitioner.

Most important, kinesiology is a self-help method you can use, too. We recommend you to start testing the products with the help of a friend or family member, so that you always know which products are most beneficial to you.

Don’t expect miracles overnight with AquaSource, but if you consume the products long enough, the benefits will come with time. You could experiment – describe your health issues, start using the products, then see what will happen after a couple of weeks. You should definitely note some improvement, if you take the right combination of products. And after 3 to 6 months you will feel much stronger and healthier.

As I am a medical doctor, it is normal for me to talk about diseases. But when talking about AquaSource, the topic is health and vitality. These products are not only for people who have health issues, but above all for healthy people. Even if you think you are healthy and you start to take them, you will feel better, and you will have more energy. So go on, give it a trial!

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